• Ensure tow vehicles’ tow bar is in good condition, ie, structurally sound.Check that the ball head cup is well greased.
  • Raise the coupling head above the tow ball by means of the lowered telescopic operation jockey wheel.
  • Position the tow ball under the coupling head, then lower the coupling head onto the tow ball whilst holding the coupling head open. Some coupling head designs feature an automatic closing mechanism and do not need to be held open. Full details on page 17. Once the two are firmly engaged the coupling head handle will lock closed. As a precaution twist the coupling head and closely inspect it to be sure that the trailer is properly coupled. On certain coupling heads there are indicators which will show when the head is properly engaged on the ball.
  • Continue to wind up the jockey wheel until fully retracted and the top handle is very tightly locked. If a mechanical locking mechanism is provided ensure it is in place before travelling. Now loosen the main clamp and raise the jockey as high as possible in the clamp, re-tighten the clamp firmly, ensuring that the jockey wheel is well clear of the brake mechanisms. Auto retractable jockey wheels do not require a side clamp mechanism.
    WARNING If this procedure is not followed it is likely that the jockey wheel will unwind and come into contact with the ground when in transit, causing severe damage to the mechanism. This type of damage is NOT covered under warranty.
  • Check condition of the break-away cable, if damaged or not present replace immediately. Connect break-away cable to towing bracket on tow vehicle.
  • Connect the 13 pin electrical plug to the socket on the rear of the tow vehicle making sure the keyway in the socket and the slot in the plug are aligned. Check that all lights are operational. Also ensure that the trailer electrical lead is not allowed to drag on the ground, this will wear through the cable and render the lights inoperative.
  • Ensure that the hand brake is fully off. The handbrake, when off will lie in the horizontal position. Never travel with the handbrake applied.
  • All tyres both on the tow vehicle and the trailer must be correctly inflated to the maximum pressure recommended for towing. Check details in this handbook and never exceed the maximum pressure displayed on the side wall of the tyre.